Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kitty Cat

Images by Prutha Raithatha

Top: H&M; Shorts: Vintage; Necklace and bracelets: Street; Belt; Forever 21; Shoes: Converse

Walking around one weekend I dropped by my favorite shoe store Irregular Choices and found myself extremely disheartened as I left the store with a lot desired and little acquired due to ultra streamlined budgets [read: sever brokenness!!].

Just outside the store I found Kitty trying to learn how to skateboard. Loving her very feminine bad boy look on the go, I had to stop her. It’s a simple look of a tee with denim shorts I know. But I like the idea of converse with big girly jewelry. Takes the comfy look we all wear to a fashionable level instantly.

Next time I saw Kitty she had big curly hair and I asked her how it happened in a matter of 2 weeks and she answered, “Girl, it’s a wig”. My afro wig on day to day basis confirmed, I am on to finding my very own in brunette!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fur-ness: Personal Fashion

Images by NURBS.

Leather Skirt/ Shoes/Fur Shood: Zara; Shirt: Target [men’s section]; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Watch: Diesel

Turns out its finally over L . My favorite season is over. I am beyond deprived-of-chocolate kind of depressed!! I mean seriously, I love the warm weather and I love the goddamn skyscrapers. Where the hell am I supposed to go?

Not that I am still giving up on my short dresses/ shorts/ skirts, but I am [for now] adding just a few layers to keep me from having uncomfortable protrusions on my tees all day long due to being too cold …lol… yup I see people staring at them while talking to me.

Loving this super soft faux fur hood scarf [hence called SHOOD, the Zara sales person told me]. Please expect to see it many more times in my posts. This flannel shirt is something I bought coz I was looking for a HUGE comfortable boys shirt to LIVE in and I found the perfect one!! And I know the color combo of this outfit is a little unusual but that’s why I like it. Leather is all over and this color of skirt is perfect. And I do love leather. RARELY do I find bottoms in leather in my size. It’s really really really effing hard to find any bottoms for us size 10 plus people. ITS SOOO UNFAIR!! 

Got the RayBans as a b’day gift from a really good friend. I <3 him for knowing exactly what I would like for a bday presents. Sometimes good things come in small packages ;-)

OH OH and one last thing. I bought new iPhone coz I sweated all over my old phone at the marathon and destroyed the screen. And I love it [but I don’t think my cat does.. I keep clicking her pics all day long]. And I spotted John Mayer and Casanova [from Project Runway] in my area this week. I didn’t take pictures cause I don’t like to act star struck and all. I am like that only, deal with it…mwah!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emerald: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

The people I find most interesting to shoot for their fashion are people who have a somewhat original point of view that is only their own and no one else's. I see a lot of street fashion blogs with a lot of very beautiful people wearing expensive beautiful clothes and shoes, but more than half of them i find dull and not original or even remotely creative. I can see that outfit put together in any J.Crew catalogue so I wonder why it needs to be documented in a form of a blog if its so generic. But I shall not dwell on that anymore. I am glad I find the craziest, most creative people on the streets. They inspire me to push myself and step out of my comfort zone. I am sure Lady Gaga will approve ;-)

Emerald is definitely one of those people. Her raw layered outfit is just what I mean by a personal sense of individual trend-free style. She shredded that long thrifted Kenneth Cole Dress her self and FYI she bought that dress for only 50 cents. Love the cardigan on it with one long sleeve and the other a tank. The Lace circle scarf + foxhead+ chains she put together were all found in trash and hence FREE!! She cut her own hair and there is really no limit to how much she inspires me. Love the ram skull ring and the skull bead bracelets. 
You can check out her cool blog at Le Reclus Noir Nu.
Peace out Lovers!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hipstamatic: Personal Fashion

Images by Anjali Bhargava

Dress: 1970’s from Vintage Variety; Shoes: See by Chloe; Necklace: India

Wanted to attempt something different with the pictures and I kept bugging Anjali for a vintage look for the images. She came up with this brilliant idea to use an iphone app for this shoot. I totally and utterly love the outcome!! Its sooo perfect!!

The dress is one of those that would go perfect with go-go boots. I loved it so much when I saw it in the store that even though it was a size too small, I had to have it and bought it.

BTW, today I went to Philadelphia to cheer my Marathon team who were running the Philly Half Marathon and ended up running the race myself. Super Excited  about finishing my 13.1 miles!! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion Night Out, NYC: Street Fashion

Check out the shoes on this fire dance performer!! Major LUST!! 

Your  very own photo-shoot

Bag Art Gallery

Marc By Marc Jacob Goddie Van outside Bloomingdales, Soho.

FYI,  this is right below my house. I share my bedroom wall with Bloomingdales. I NOT SO NOT KIDDING. I love my life!! :)

Images by Prutha Raithatha

Fashion Night Out is the biggest Street party after Halloween I have seen in NYC. Ofcourse Halloween is freaking awesome, but FNO is totally getting there. People dress up with almost the same enthusiam as Halloween, just the outfits are more fashionable, that's all. Both of the past 2 years it has fallen on my B'day and I think its a major sign where I feel like Anna Wintour has actually cast her blessings on me saying, " Honey, I am gonna dedicate a whole night of fashion just to on your birthday. Cause you so deserve it. " hehehe... I really don't need drugs to act like a crack pot I tell you. But it's a thought and wouldn't it be lovely if it were true?


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