Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shraddha in her Element: Photographer

I know you’ve been introduced before, but lets do it again. Meet my fabulous, super talented and awesome photographer and friend Shraddha. We were shooting one day and she showed up [like always] in jeans and a tee and her converses. Only difference was that this time I actually liked the thrifted off shoulder sweatshirt she was wearing. Pretty cool huh?

I’m always bugging her about her ultra low-cost low/no-maintenance fashion [non] sense. But secretly I like it [Don't tell her that]. She stays true to her comfortable arty farty indo-fused casual fashion. It never looks like she tried too hard, infact quite the opposite. There is always a coolness in ease.

Besides that you all have seen all the fabulous pictures on this blog and you know that she has the perfect eye for composition and that she is truly utterly talented!! What’s more fashionable than being really freaking good at what you do?

I love you hunny!!! And Thank you!!

Hysteric Glamour: Street Fashion

Thats me standing next to her finishing up my conversation. see what i mean about paparazzi?

Purse: Hysteric Glamour ; Jacket: Charles Anastase ; Pants/ Shoes and Shoulder brace: Commes Des Garcons ; Hat: House of Flora ; Glasses: French Vintage

You know how most people don’t like to grow older? I think it starts at the age of 25. After 25 you start feeling like you need to hold on to the past, as those were the best days of your life. I know a lot of my girl friends that stress and obsess over turning 30. But thankfully and luckily for me, I still feel like a four and half year old kid who cannot wait to grow up!! Ask my nephew how old he is and he will always answer as “4 yrs and 8 months” or “I’m almost 5”, waiting to become older as soon as possible.

But there is a reason why getting older doesn’t bother me. Its because of amazing women like Christina Viera. I want to be like her so bad and when I get “bigger” [cause “older” doesn’t sound like the right word here] and the faster the better, I will be her!! I can’t wait for that to happen.

How brilliant and fun is her outfit. And imagine if only her outfit is soo much fun, how much fun would her personality or art or work be? I truly have been waiting and waiting to share her pictures with you guys. I love her entire outfit so much that I have been looking for the pieces she’s wearing for myself…[but I can’t afford any of it right now… damn the freaking profession of underpaid architecture! Really!]. I am also posting all the pictures I have of her cause I love each one of them. No editing. She was so adorable and gave us so much of her time.  After I was done soaking in all her coolness I realized that a lot of other people that started taking pictures of her too. Total paparazzi style …copycats I say!! I saw her first!!!  Hehe… j/k ..

 I could not stop hopping around like a bunny the whole day after we spotted her. I still am super excited about having found her. Le sigh!

Christina Viera is an artist and painter working at an art gallery. Her designs for hats and jewelry are also sold at Patricia.  I have been dreaming about what her closet looks like and all the goodies in it!! You can thank me later for having found her for you ;-) [modesty? Whatttt? ….lol] 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Manage My Closet: Street Fashion

Jacket: Zero 

Not to make a generalized statement but just from the past 3-month’s experience as a blogger most of the people whom we find to be dressed interestingly have been from some sort of a creative background. So when we spotted Ingrid who is in Management we were pleasantly surprised to have a non art related professional dressed so well. Texture makes such a huge difference to clothes. Love the woven pattern on her jacket with the slight shine. Makes it look so rich right? Love her boots [check the detail on the back of the boots]. And I’m so glad she added the pop of the red color with her purse. Wouldn’t have been complete without it.

Oh, and FYI, I won 2 giveaways today!! I entered a sexy sweatpants competition on the lovely MizzJ ’s blog, where I sent in my version of a club/ party look using some sweatpants/ athletic wear as one of the pieces of the look..and I won that!! Check it out .  [Will do a post on that outfit shortly]

Second I won a cute necklace giveaway from Barely Vogue , another cool fashion blog I came across randomly. I didn’t have to do anything for this giveaway except send in my name for a lucky draw. So I guess I just got lucky that my name got picked! Yeahiee…I never get lucky!!! EVERRRRRRR!! I guess my luck is changing….now if only that cute guy from my post a few days ago calls, my life will be set ;-)

I think this giveaway business is quite fun!! Maybe I’ll do one too. Don’t know when/ where/ what, but stay tuned sexies!!

PS: My blogspot is acting funny...bitting nails...hope it fixes itself soon!! yikes!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Woodhead : Street Fashion

Jacket: Daite; Tank Top: H&M; Skirt/ Hat: Vintage

Spotted in a huge crowd of people because of her brilliant red turban was this amazing New Zealand actress Teresa Peters.  She’s the lead in an experimental art movie called Woodhead, which is a dark, sexually charged and at times disturbing film set in a fairytale story. I am dying to see this movie now [click here to find out more about the movie]. It sounds too interesting and totally and completely up my alley. I love love love independent and experimental movies / art. The summer is almost here and I can’t wait to get back into the groove of checking out cool art forms in the city.  Teresa is also an artist.

Having such a brilliant personality can only result in fab individual style. Love the turban with the diamond detail. The black and white jacket with the bright graphic lining is just insane. Playing with the inner layers as much as with her outerwear. I love such surprise elements. I also like the vintage look of her H&M top and how she mixed it so well with her actual vintage hat and skirt.

Now to find that movie!!! 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Living on the Edge: Personal Fashion

Images by Shraddha Borawake

Floral Playsuit: Topshop, Shoes: Calvin Klein ; Flower Hair Pin: H&M ; Belt: Amish Village in Pennsylvania; Ring: Gift from a Friend

Had a really good time this weekend with the girls. We went on a Girl’s Weekend Getaway [GWG] which included hiking, wine tasting, massive dinners, trip to the casino and window shopping at some local stores. I even got to pet some alpacas. Soo cute!! I love my girl friends and I so badly needed a break, even if it was just for 2 days!! First I was going crazy trying to find out if my room had Internet cause I needed to work, but then I had a major WTF moment and said to hell with work! I need a break!!

In celebration of taking a break, here’s one of my so-called resort looks. You know something I see myself wearing to a nice resort getaway at the beach sipping on mai-tai’s and having sumptuous brunch on a cantilevered patio…[pls to be replacing wedges with pretty flat sandals in your mental picture. I just think it would be more appropriate footwear for that].

Am in complete love with my floral playsuit from Topshop. I can totally see myself wearing it to a date, dancing or to a brunch with the girls on a Sunday afternoon. Since it is so colorful, I had to mute the effect by pairing it with some taupe wedges and belt. But then I added a little color back to the toes with my turquoise nail polish, cause then the bottom part of my body would be a bit too muted. I love my flower clip from H&M that I have had it for over 4 years and still wear very often.  

Hope all you pretty people out there had a fab weekend too!! 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Helloo Hottie!! : Street Fashion

Jacket: Operations , Soho; Shoes: Timberland Earth Kemps, with recycled content [Happy Earth Day BTW]; Scarf: H&M 

Need I say more? …Ok maybe I will say one more thing…I really wish I bump into him again!! …lol

PS: Do check out the buckle detail on his jacket ..such a cool way to replace buttons right?..after which go back to checking him out!! ;-)

Forget the guns, Give me the bullets! : Street fashion

Belt: Military [empty bullets]; Stud Jacket: ACDC Leather, Full Breach; Skull Ring: Against Nature; Shoes: Thrifted; Vest: Self made.

See it boggles my mind when I see so many people that come up with some tiny DIY projects to transform their everyday outfit to a whole new level of individual style. Chloe’s thing is of course ammunition [all empty just FYI], skulls and studs. Bullet belt, necklace, shoe strap and a million studs on the jacket all give it a very intense and heavy punk image. But when you look at her pretty soft face and girly eyeliner, it sort of mutes the heaviness.

Maybe not so heavy but I did love to try a bullet belt like that with a pair of leather pants and a simple white V-neck tee paired with some fab back booties.  Someday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Perfection: Street Fashion

Dress: 1950’s Vintage; Purse: Vintage bought on eBay; Shoes: Louis Vuitton ; Sweater: Vivienne Westwood

So for my sake, all of you, take just a few moments to experience the first picture here. I won’t say more. But do tell me what you think. 

So now that you’ve established that S is a genius and when it comes to spotting incredibly fashionable people we’ve had really good luck so far, I have another thought in my head. Not that I don’t like current fashion as we wear it right now, but I often wonder why I am always gravitated towards the classics. I mean every decade before, I would say, 1980’s was different [fashion wise]. Each had its own style and almost its own era. From 1980’s onwards I feel like everything has just been a mismatch and blur of generic trends and returning trends. IMHO we don’t have a strong style type that truly belongs to our decade, namely 2000-2010. Or should I wait till 2040 to look back and maybe it will be more evident then? Not sure.

Maki is a Fashion consultant and designer clad in 1950’s vintage. Taking the whole look from head to toe in that direction. The hairstyle, the pearl hair pin, the purse, the makeup, everything!! Its so exciting for me to meet such people. I loveeeee it!! 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wing Woman : Street Fashion

Serape: Pendleton ; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ; Denim Shirt: Levis ; Tank top: DIY; Sunnies: Alexandra Cassaniti 

Since I am completely incompetent when it comes to anything DIY, I get very excited when I find people who come up with some which are simple enough for me to follow. You know in layman’s terms kinda thing? Needless to say the original idea always gets all the credit. Kate’s tiny red leather straps addition to her gray tank I thought was so simple yet so brilliant. If someone like Marc Jacobs would have come up with it, it would have been selling for maybe $150 in his store [just cause its different and has 15 cms of leather…]. Brilliant idea Kate!

Loving life and being able to have fun at all times is such an important character trait. I really feel Kate has it. Or then maybe it’s the Pendleton serape that’s bringing it out in her …hehe… who knows…well whatever it is; I love her style and her attitude!

BTW, I hope you guys noticed the cross in her sunglasses. Its actually a cross on the glass. I thought it was brilliant!! [see image below]


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