Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the HOOD!!

Image by Shraddha Borawake

Spotted this girl arm in arm with her boy friend at Union Square, NYC. Love her hoodie jacket. We all normally do own hoodies but seldom do we look good with the hoodies on.  This brown jacket was beautiful with the fit, the cut and I like the way she belted it for a waist. I have to give her props for walking around with her hoodie on just for style. It wasn’t cold enough for her to actually need it. And I like the little green accents too.

FYI, I normally do not like brown as a color too much [and I HATE Maroon]. I prefer grays. But this jacket I could totally see myself wearing with some super short navy and white “jail band stripe” shorts [see the picture below] and some funky wedged boots. Everything was great except now I want to know where she got her cute boyfriend from? I wantttttt…. Le sigh!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Radio mY Ass!!

Images by Shraddha Borawake

Ok, so im sorry for the non-“PG 13 rated “ blog title, but its so perfect for the picture! How cute is that transistor purse on this girl’s behind? I love accessories [or anything for that matter] that have a SOH [Sense of humor] to it. I have one such purse myself, but will post pics of it at a later date. BTW, I can’t wait for Apple to come out with Ipod shaped purses with actual music storing capabilities. So when u walk around with it, u can just plug in your headphones to the purse for music, or then just turn the knobs around to use it as a mobile- tensile-boom box, which is actually a purse!!...Ok I’ll stop now, I promise! J

PS: If anyone gets my ipod purse idea and thinks its awesome, pls holla at me in the comments section!!..just wannna spot like minded geniuses in the crowd ;-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Caroline: NYC

Images by Shraddha Borawake

Green Dress: Anthropologie , Sweater: Beacon’s Closet , Booties: Nine West

I almost jumped out of the street and in front of Caroline [a Parsons student] while Shraddha was still shooting the previous target. But who could miss this girl’s bright red lipstick, fabulous haircut and fashion energy. It’s crazy how my eye works but I cannot get over how much I love the little teeny tiny green square below her jacket pocket. It’s such a random detail. And goes perfectly with her green dress inside when she opens up her grey jacket. Love the outfit inside too. It’s perfect! FYI, she’s been spotted on The Sartorialist too [that’s what she said! ;-)]

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter : NYC

In a severely monochromatic winter, I am always dying to spot some color to brighten up my day. This mother daughter duo almost made up for an entire days worth of color splash. I am definitely not complaining. I love, love, love the magentas and the quite smile on the mother’s face. She was so proud to be a mom and you can tell. She didn’t need the colors to brighten up her day like I did. She was happy nonetheless.  I love happy people. They’ll always be in!

Monday, January 25, 2010

BOW chicka WOW WOW : NYC

So of course there isn’t anything pornographic about this guys outfit, but the Bow Tie is such a cute touch it deserves its very own “bow chicka wow wow” moment. Yes little things like these do work wonders for me * wink wink *.  Spotted on a lazy day off at union square, I loved this guy’s entire outfit. Folded khakis, blue sweater with matching blue Donald J. Pliner shoes and the blue and green bowtie with a few finger rings [not seen in the pic] all toped with the golf flat cap, this guy had the perfect ease factor added to his perfect put together style. Everything worked and so well !

Sunday, January 24, 2010

6 Year old Kitten: NYC

This is what I would imagine I was like when I was that young. I love this kid’s style. Her mother said, “ She always puts her outfits together herself and she loves doing it.” And I can see it. The leopard print fur jacket and hat and the metallic purple boots with the sheer dress underneath with sequence, are all so adorable. Perfect for her age and experimentation. I can already see her growing up to be a fashionista. For now she’s an adorable little kitten… so cute!!

I Dream of Jeannie : PF [Personal Fashion]

Genie romper: Zara , Shoes: Jessica Simpson , Necklace: thrifted, Ring: Nani’s [Grandmom’s] Family Heirloom.

When it comes to colors I say bring it on!! This outfit is something I jumped on when I saw it hanging on the racks of zara. Love the colors and the comfort. Perfect for times when I want to be totally comfortable but still stand out a bit in the crowd. The shoes are one of my favorites, to spice up any dull outfit. And my gold and blue cocktail ring is something I grew up longing. My mom finally got it for me when she came to visit me last summer. My Nani [Grandmom] must have been quite fashionable in her times I can tell ;-)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our First Target: Chanel Clad

May I just say that I want everything she’s wearing, including her wallet!

The divine Chanel purse to the beautiful Jeffery Campbell Mail-Ch shoes , to her fur neck piece worn with her boy friend jacket and pleated high waist pants, I want everything!! You cannot ignore the fab white highlights in her hair either. In totality I could not believe that this was our first encounter for this project. She was perfect. Her one look encompassed everything in this year’s must haves for the closet. I wonder what she does for a living?

Shraddha Borawake: The Photographer

Shraddha Borawake, has been a photographer for 7 years. She started in Pune, India assisting fashion photographer Harpreet Bachher. She then moved to Mumbai to work in the fashion industry, assisting Farrokh Chothia, was published in Seventeen Magazine and worked for the Lifestyle Section of Daily News and Analysis. In 2005 she studied at the International Center of Photography, NYC. Following that she has been freelancing in New York and India from 2006 to 2009 and exhibited her work on Amateur Women Boxers in New York at the DUMBO Arts Festival in 2006. Her Women in Construction in India was exhibited in Washington, and she has been published in Art India Magazine. She has also exhibited her Indian Roads installation project in a group show of women artists at the Collective Gallery in New York as well as participated in many group shows in many locations in the US. She is currently working on a project on the Indian Highways installation project and ‘Radiant Heights’ a photo book on precious moments captured in India while studying at NYU.

In short, she’s a PRO!! And I’m super lucky to have her as my partner in crime ;-)

You can check out her photography blog at

Prutha Raithatha: The Fashionista

            I have been thinking about doing this blog for quite some time but kept running into technical difficulties like I am not a photographer, I don’t even have a good camera, I am single, living on my own and hence do not have anyone to take pictures of me [if I wanted], I am super busy getting life in order [read lazy!!], etc. etc..  But I finally found my partner in crime, a fab photographer Shraddha. Over one lunch and random talks, we decided to collaborate, picked up her camera and started walking around the streets of NYC and clicking random strangers. That’s what I call “getting things done”.

           Some things you should know about me: I am an architect by profession, but aspire to be in fashion, in any form. Designer, stylist, choreographer,  personal shopper, stage designer, shoe shiner…I don’t care…but being in fashion is the ultimate goal. I love shoes like any "Sex and the city" watching girl. I obsess over things I-have-to-have way too much and the only way to stop the obsession is to actually go get what I want. I am not skinny at all and I love myself the way I am. I believe in dressing for the size I am and honestly I think I do a pretty good job.

           Originally from Mumbai, I now live in NYC. I love colors, confidence and character. Life is beautiful and I live to have fun. This blog is an experiment in archiving my personal fashion taste over a period of time and seeing how it develops. It should be fun to see what I think of my harem pants in 2020…lol….


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