Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NYC’s “Afghan Girl”

Green Pants/ Shoes: Vintage, Big Sweater: from Mexico, Hat: from Russia; Bag: Vintage Coach 

Since the past 3 weeks every couple of days S will email me asking, “When will you post that pretty girl we shot in Williamsburg?” and I would regretfully say, “ Soon honey soon”. I am sure she’s going to be bouncing off the walls today knowing it’s finally up.

But ohh is this girl pretttyyy or what! I mean she was not wearing much makeup at all except some mascara. And the ease with which she put that outfit together was fantastic. Green is such a cool color to use for bottoms. I think not many people realize that they can use green for pants and it does look good. And besides looking good, it just gives us a break from the usual black and blues. 

  Maggie had her style perfect. Green Vintage pants, muted with grey sweaters [the larger one is from Mexico], clubbed with brown vintage boots and a vintage Coach bag. All different colors, but all neutrals, so they all go well together. I like her candy-striped scarf too. But the Russian furry soft hat takes it all. I wanted to touch it so bad but had to refrain.

  Apart from Maggie's easy-breezy-pretty-comfy-trendy outfit, I just can’t get over how pretty she is. Those eyes!!! 


  1. Can you parcel her to India ! she's gorgeous :)

  2. yes, she really looks very natural in these clothes.. cool outfit!!!!

  3. she herself and her outfit look really good....great article pru.....im amazed at the photo opportunities u get in NYC !! keep up the good work!

  4. love the hat! have always wanted one...now just need to figure out if i can pull it off as well as she has!



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