Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Fashionista and Photographer in their red ecstasy!!

Let me say that I am a big fan of Prutha's enthusiam of fashionable explorations, but this week, I was floored by this amazing photograph that she took of me. As you can see in her personal fashion post, this girl has no qualms of plonking in the snow, having a little fun, and strutting her extremely cold toes in 12 inch deep snow, I felt inspired and did the same on this abandoned squash court (except I was snug in my rain boots). She is now quickly learning the tricks of MY trade, and this weekend, we switched rolls for a hot minute. She photographed me as I threw around balls of snow...gotta have fun while working man! The two images also telling how insyc we are becoming. The red scarves and the uber excited attitudes! 



  1. i dont know y u think this is good pic S? I cant focus to save my life!! [its not my fault..i was born with ADD..thus cannot focus ...lol] ...

    im glad u like the pic, but i am defi gonna leave the photography to u always... its so not my thing!! i love the pic u took of me though...love eeeee the willow unbrella over my head..thank gawd ppl cant see the booger in my nose at this resolution ;-) ...[JUST KIDDING PPL!! ewhhh..its not a booger, its my nose ring... for reals]

  2. Hats off to the tag team.... keep them coming i say!!!!!!

  3. Hey, you guys are good...pretty good!

  4. wow...finally u spoke sajjad... thanku thanku...



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