Sunday, January 8, 2017

Did Ya Miss Me?

Top: Vintage Manish Arora; Shoes: Discount Universe; Fur Coat: Vintage

It has been forever since I posted on the blog, so I won't be surprised if no one ever sees this post. But just to list the chronological events of my life for my future self, there has been a lot that has happened and I am happy with the progress. 

1) I got a new job 3 yrs ago that I love. I am finally finding ways to use my creativity in my actual profession instead of just using fashion and this blog as an outlet. I moved from architecture to interior design and am loving the hands on creative process. The best part is that the projects take about 6-9 months from start to finish so I get to see them built and in use in much shorter periods of times. Architecture took forever. My last building look over 4 years to be built. 

2) I have gotten into gardening. I know, I know. What is happening to this world. It does not make sense anymore. I mean Trump is president you guys! Anything can happen including me loosing my shit entirely and getting into gardening. 2 years ago my idea of grocery shopping was a run to Duane Reade for some milk and Doritos. And now I am growing my own veggies in the east village on our patio. But I mean seriously people how did we allow Trump to happen to us? I can't and will never get over this shock. I think our entire country needs therapy. Phew!
Back to gardening. I love it. ohmmm.. 

3) I also went to Japan recently and want to move there.

4) I also tried my hand at a bunch of things and failed. But all is good. Learning experiences, all of them. 

Thats all. Hoping to update the blog a bit more. Have tones of new stuff in my closet from the last 2 years. But how about them boots huh? Aren't they the shit?  

Happy 2017!


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