Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adios A-Meko

A little background on the day these pictures were taken. It was on the same day we had shot Vivian Wu from the “Night Rider” post I put up a couple of days ago. It was the coldest day of this winter. S and I were trying not to shake hands with anyone cause ours where not hygienic anymore [we had no other way to keep our noses from running yo!! Don’t judge, you know you do it too!!... j/k]. So since it was sooooooo effing cold, we were jumping from one store to another just so that we could stay indoors for a bit. When we saw someone interesting pass by outside on the street we would run out to stop him or her. But then we also started to scope out people who were shopping inside. However, you can’t click pictures inside a store, so we had to beg the people we spotted to come out in the teeth chattering cold and pose for us. And Meko did, like a champ.  Thanks soo much honey, you were awesome.

Now about her look, I fell in love with her Steven Allen  coat and her overall styling. The mittens and the fur hat of the same color and the vintage purse, all were such cool pieces individually and put together. She even had a big gold brooch on her jacket [covered by her hair in these pics] that was a really nice touch to make her winter jacket a little dressier. Meko is an intern at a fine arts company. Fancy meeting you honey J



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