Thursday, March 25, 2010

From one Blogger to another

When S and I are running around scoping out people for the blog on the street, we are both not dressed to impress at all. In fact it’s quite the contrary in the name of comfort. But it was cool to spot a fellow blogger Blade and see that he actually dresses like a stud even while he’s working, just likes us. 

Love his badass biker look and his glasses.

Check out his blog at 

Was fun meeting you Blade!!


  1. omg his sunglasses are killer!!!!!
    thanks for stopping by my blog! xx

  2. I remember he was trying to take pictures of me taking a picture of him with his little hand held camera. *smirk* - Shraddha

  3. great blog...thanks for sharing!

    hope you like ours (from my brother and me), too:



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