Monday, October 31, 2011

Harakujua and The Bunny: Personal Fashion

Images by Jackie Russo

Kaftan [actually nightwear made in Pakistan]: Thrifted; B/W Tee: Club Monaco; Shoes: Irregular Choices; Hair Clips: H&M; Blinged iPhone cover: Irregular Choices

So this is how I image Japanese [Harakuju] street fashion would look like in New York. I know the colors are summer-y but I don't really care to be ombre in the winter either. So this is what I plan on wearing on the weekends in my winter here. I utterly love this outfit!!! It's soo comfy and me.

Introducing yet another talented photographer Jackie. She's an NYU student and you can check out more of her cool work here.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Onion Effect: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

Sheer Jacket: Ivan Grundahl; Gold Vest/ Top Skirt: Issey Miyake; Woolen Skirt: Comme Des Garcons; Pants: Pleats Please; Shirt: Liberty of London; Necklace: Barbara Acton-Bond [his mom]; Shoes: Dr. Marten x Raf Simons

If there is one person you should learn to do layers from, it is Brandon Acton-Bond. Spotted him during fashion night out and I was just amazed at the visual impact his insane number of layers had. One peeking from underneath the other. With fall and winter around the corner, I feel like Brandon's method of layering is something I must incorporate in my wardrobe pronto. I will just have to be careful about my wide hips while layering the bottom though. If you want more tips on how to pull off the onion effect in clothes do check out his super cool blog Feigned Perfection.

Hope everyone is doing well in their little worlds. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nip Tuck: Personal Fashion

Images by Brian Augustine

Shirt and dress: Vintage; Skull Necklace: Evolution; Shoes: Custom Underground UK Creepers

The only issue with buying vintage stuff for a bigger person like me is that we seldom find things in our size. But sometimes you just love an outfit so much that you have to have it even if it is not in your size. And then you get creative and find a new way to wear it to hide your protruding curves or to just make it work. This dress [as seen in the last picture] didn't fit me that well so I draped and folded and pinned it a little to form my own new outfit which, if I may say so myself, turned out to be so much cooler!!!! It's something I honestly honestly will wear just like that when I go out on a regular day. Too bad I can't keep the dress forever as my friend Tasha and I decided to share it when we bought it cause we both loved the dress so much.

Introducing another talented photographer Brian to the DSM team!! I met Brian at NYFW while we both shot street fashion outside the tents and got to talking and he very graciously offered to help me with my blog. With NURBS and Upasna having moved away, I am getting a new team together and touch wood so far it has been totally fun and easy.

Love you guys for all your support. It really is encouraging to hear from you all. Big Thanku.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smokes On Fire: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha

She was literally just wearing 2 squares of men's suit material sewn on the sides!! It is by far one of my favorite outfits from fashion week.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Personal Fashion

Images by Ben Taylor

Kimono/ Hat: Vintage; Shorts: American Eagle; Creepers: Underground UK

I know this post is probably the most number of pics I have ever posted in one personal post ever, but it was such a cool shoot and there were just so many many cool shots that I could only edit it down to these many. Introducing you to Ben Taylor, an FIT student who is a super talented and creative photographer. This location in Harlem is one of the best I have spotted in NYC so far. What a fun day!!

I love this kimono, which is casual enough for me to wear over my shorts and tee on a regular fall day. The creepers are a fantastic height inducer. Sucks that these custom underground UK creepers took 9 weeks to get to me, while in the mean time copycat Jeffery Campbells were already out in the same exact replicas. They have no shame and it infuriates me!!

Besides that life is good :)



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