Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bellow the Willow: Personal Fashion

Sweater Dress: H&M ; Tights: AA ; Hat: Kelly Christy [borrowed from Chris]; Shoes: Dolce Vita 

       I could probably finish off writing about my outfit on this post in one sentence. I love Black and white graphic patterns clubbed with red as an accent. Done!!

      So why the 100 pictures for this post? Well the point is that, as and when S and I progress in this adventure for this blog, we are learning different things about each other and our separate arts [her photography and my fashion]. As you all already know by now that she is a fabulous photographer, this post is more for her art of photography than for the fashion. Fashion is very straightforward in this one. You take one look at it and you get it. It’s comfortable, clean and bold enough to be a statement. You have to wear such an outfit/ makeup with a lot of confidence or you WILL totally screw it up and it WILL NOT work. But the photography is something else. Its S’s way of telling a story through her pictures. It is her way of creating a dream from right in the middle of the busiest city in the whole wide world.  I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

      God bless the fact that we both, in the end, share the same kind of eye for art…and we totally get each other’s visions and respect it. Cause to be honest, we are both perfectionists and I know I wouldn’t be happy with someone less perfect than her as my photographer. I love you hunny… you are the best and these pictures are just fabulous!! [I hope Mariam’s not reading this! Well you both are the best in my books…J

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hanako from Columbia [the University, of course…its all about NYC people!..j/k]

Before I even start talking about Hanako’s look I have to confess that I really want her Dad to adopt me. She was covered from head to toe in brands that I still haven’t been able to save up for. And even though my father can afford to buy it for me, he just won’t… how rude right? So for now, I am just going to lust over her look till I win the Mega Millions.

Boots: Prada ; Sweater: Vince ; Bag: Balenciaga ; Bracelet: Louis Vuitton ; Jacket: Top Shop . And I love the fur around her neck. Perfect accessory to this outfit. You did well Hanako.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Night Rider

There are often times in life when I pass by someone and don’t notice what he or she is wearing. And then I pass them by again and wonder how I missed noticing the outfit the first time. Vivian Wu was one of those kinda incidences.  Yup, I know, I am a little slow at times.

The best part about her outfit was the leather jacket dress she was wearing inside her winter coat. It was a brilliant bubble dress jacket with folded sleeves, etc. The fishnet stockings with the fab wedged boots, studded bracelets and the hat totally completed the hot-modern-biker chick look.  Everything she wore except the stockings were things she had found at random places in China or thrift stores. The stockings, she remembered, were from Pixie market.

She’s a jewelry designer BTW and was super fun. Even though that night was one of the coldest nights of this winter and S and I were barely keeping our noses from running, Vivian was great. She posed like a pro, had fun with it, even took off her coat so we could get a picture of her leather bubble jacket underneath. I would love to see her jewelry someday. I am sure she has some cool ideas up her sleeves. But until that happens, I need to concentrate on finding me a cool leather dress/jacket!


Ian from Brooklyn walked down the street, turned the corner and bumped into me. Loved his outfit with the little zipper details on the pants, the shoes and the black and white tee with the big “Y” on it. But what I liked even more were the tattoos on his neck and the rivet earring. It’s such an industrial look for an earring and I like that a lot. Maybe I should get my ears pierced.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Skeleton in my closet ;-) : Personal Fashion

Dress: Callalilai ; Shiny black Leggings: AA ; Purple Shoes: Steve Madden ; Belt: Ann Taylor Loft ; Hair Pin: Lucky Brand ; Clutch: Streets of Bombay; Rolling Stones Tote: Target ; Brown Loafers: Aldo ; Black Winter Jacket: Zara 

In the longing anticipation of spring when you get one day in the winter where it feels like spring, what do you do? I pretended like it was spring already! 

This dress is something that I just bought and had to wear the next day itself. Actually I always do that. Whenever I buy something new, I have to wear it the very next day. I can’t wait. Its just a genetic problem… blame it mom ;-).  So back to the dress, I found it at this boutique called Callalilai in Soho, which sells very vintage looking clothes, bags and accessories. I fell in love with the window display itself and knew it was my kinda store instantly. I love how this dress has a funky cut and drape to it along with colors and a print, which make it look like something from your mom’s closet. Plus it has POCKETS! [I’m a big sucker for pockets, just FYI]. 

 Its Paired with my purple Steve Madden shoes, purple belt and a clutch I picked up on my last trip to Bombay. I had a purple clutch too that would have essentially gone with the outfit, but when it gets too matchy I don’t like it. Hence editing is super important. And I found this beautiful hair pin at Lucky Brand and I am so in love with it. I really really do love hairpieces. And a lot of times I will just wear that for an accessory and nothing else. No other jewelry.

I also wanted to show the daytime version of the look. Yes, that is what I was wearing while chasing other people on the streets for pictures. The heels changed to flat loafers, the purse changed to a casual rolling stones tote, the black jacket came on to, well, just keep me from freezing my behind off and the skeleton came out to be my date J …soo sweet…holding hands and everything… just “hangin” out [literally] .. aweee...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ode to Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver- 2 events one fashion!

Representing in New York Fashion Week are the official Winter Olympics gloves which seem to be quite the rage among Canada and winter sport aficionados. Go Canada...Go Winter...Go team India: Jamyang Namgial- Alpine Skier, Tashi Lundup -Cross-country Skier and Shiva Keshavan- Luge Pilot, representing India internationally since 1997


PS: There is a valid reason for not having a Personal Fashion [PF] post today, like I always do on Mondays. The reason is yesterday Sunday happened!! S and I went out for dinner last night, with our very good friend Apnavi and finished a whole bottle of wine between the 2 of us. Hence I was not in the capacity to write a post last night. So maybe tomorrow I will have a PF post unless like yesterday, Monday happens to us today ;-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Women at NY Fashion Week by Shraddha

Alexander McQueen from head to toe

At New York Fashion Week 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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