Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stella and the Director

There is something about dogs, collar and cool haircuts that always attract my attention. Who hasn’t had the life long quest to find the perfect hair-stylist who knows our hair and gives us cool new hair cuts all the time? I love this Creative Director’s haircut. Is it ok for straight women to have this haircut too? Seriously?

And now lets talk about Stella’s style. Black and white fur coat and an ultra hot red spiked collar. Needless to say I love it. Woof woof! 


  1. ha! i like that you're fashion blog transcends species! not only is a black white fur coat and red collar Stella's accessories, Stella herself is the Director's accessory! Amusing! :D

  2. i know...and i cant wait to get me my "CHUCK" ...i want a dog real bad!! and whatever u say, the black and white with the spiked red collar was super punk rock to ignore. and since i love doggies, expect many more doggie posts!!



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