Monday, February 15, 2010

Wooly it up: Personal Fashion

Harem Pants: Zara , Grey Top: Kensie , Necklace: Betsey , Zipper cuff: Ninewest , Shoes: Office 

In the event of New York fashion week, we went to check out the works of this super cool millinery called “Yestadt ” at the Wooly downtown. I really liked a lot of their hats.  Great work. Thanks for inviting us Yestadt!

But what to wear to such an event on a super cold day that goes from daytime work to nighttime drinks was the question. This is what I came up with.

I love my harem pants with the asymmetrical zipper from zara. I wear them atleast once a week. They are so comfy and weird that I know not many people will be wearing them; hence perfect for me! This new Kensie sweater top is my new muse. I love the cowl and the 2 sideways square pockets in the front. And the Betsy Johnson necklace is again, so me! I love the tiny airplane and the glasses with rhinestone. I have worn it 4 days in a row and I think im going to wear it again today, lol.

Now for the best part - the shoes. Bought on a trip to London, 2 years ago these Office shoes are my life! If I have to choose between a boy friend and these shoes, I would pick the shoes without batting an eyelid [yes im like that only]. I wish we had done this shoot in day light for you to see how pretty they are, but the first picture probably gives you an idea about what they look like in real life. Every time I want to wear these shoes, I mute the entire rest of the outfit. Just coz I want all eyes there.  I love them. Best investment ever.

Have a happy week y’all!


  1. all that and no close-up of the shoes!! pls rectify wanna see close up

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i do have a close up but since the light was not right, it doesnt show the blue properly.will do a post of the shoes again some other time..i promise...

  4. How gorgeous are those shoes! :)

    And that necklace is so clever! :)

  5. I love the glasses neck peice... too cool!

  6. harem pants are perfect for these shoes....the silhouette just culminates into an exclamation point at those shoes! nicely done. :D

  7. Thanks for looking at my blog!
    It's great to hear from other architects (especially ones that like fashion!)
    Fantastic necklace also



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