Monday, February 22, 2010

Ode to Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver- 2 events one fashion!

Representing in New York Fashion Week are the official Winter Olympics gloves which seem to be quite the rage among Canada and winter sport aficionados. Go Canada...Go Winter...Go team India: Jamyang Namgial- Alpine Skier, Tashi Lundup -Cross-country Skier and Shiva Keshavan- Luge Pilot, representing India internationally since 1997


PS: There is a valid reason for not having a Personal Fashion [PF] post today, like I always do on Mondays. The reason is yesterday Sunday happened!! S and I went out for dinner last night, with our very good friend Apnavi and finished a whole bottle of wine between the 2 of us. Hence I was not in the capacity to write a post last night. So maybe tomorrow I will have a PF post unless like yesterday, Monday happens to us today ;-)


  1. This post is dedicated to Rui!!!
    ルいい いい です か?

  2. This post is also dedicated to Ben, who is posted up in Canada right now!

  3. I am Rui. I got these mittens... A long story though, I love it. Seriously came the biggest hit-seller of Vancouver Olympics.

  4. Whoa! Those muffins, no, mittens are all the rage here in Canada! I can attest to the Olympic madness going on in Canada these days, it's wild up here! This blog is awesome! love to the crazy mad stylin' fashion hunters who roam manhattan island on the weekend. your #1 unofficial favorite follower, benji

  5. aweeee....ben u r soo sweettt...but i know all that sweetness is directed to ur darling shraddha me some loving too yo!! ;-)

    hope ur having fun up in hard... and FYI, even though I know u know, but ill tell u anyway, Shraddha misses u like crazy!!

    and what is the long story Rui? i want to know too !!

  6. Game and fashion are now in same domain. Great game with great stylish wears and performance. Thanks you.



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