Friday, September 28, 2012

Princess on the Loose: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha 

It is a good thing to take a break from taking a break sometimes and actually getting a shot in. I was catching up with some friends at the Grey Dog cafe one weekend and taking my order was Princess Ariel! [real name Jess]. I could not get out of that place without asking her for a picture and she was too cute to actually step outside for me. Love [beyond life] her head chain thing which I think would not have looked half as cool without the orange hair. I know it's the new trend to be wearing head chains but honestly you are not going to find one as unique, elaborate and beautiful as hers. She found hers at Buffalo Exchange and it is vintage. Jess's real profession is being a musician but she studied photography. I hope she likes the pictures I took of her. Taking pictures of photographers always makes me a bit nervous. 

Thanks again Jess for being such a sweetheart.


  1. gosh!! what a very cool and unique head chain!!amazing!

  2. omg shes so cute

    i wana make her my friend


  3. It reminded me a little bit of the head-jewelry that women in Middle East wear on special occasions (except theirs is bling-central:) Love it and I agree, the orange hair definitely adds to the drama!

  4. those are some real interesting clicks Prutha. Totally love it. And Jess really wears it so well.... I cud have never imagined it with an outfit like that. Superlike!!

    great blog u have here :)

  5. nothing like seeing a princess to make your day.

  6. Love the hair accessories <3 You look gorgeous!!!

  7. It's diffrent…



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