Monday, October 1, 2012

Utterly Butterly Delicious: Personal Fashion

Images by Ben Taylor 

Harem Pants and Top: Borrowed from Retarded Velvet [all opinions here are my own and this is not a paid gig]; Jacket: Suno; Shoes: Irregular Choices 

Can someone please explain the genius behind these prints to the non-Indian world? I am going to try but if you think you can do it better, you should in the comments section. 

PART ONE: The Pants 
These harem pants have a print of a very beloved and extremely famous caricature for a butter brand in India called Amul. This chubby "Amul Girl/ Baby" has been the mascot for the brand since 1967 and Amul ads are the best billboards on this planet! They are witty, always a spoof on current affairs hence relevant and they always incorporate this Amul Baby in it. These ads are so cool they've won a Guinness world record for the longest running ad campaign when first launched in 1967. I could have just given you the link to the wiki page on this info but nooooooooooooooo, I wanted to type it all while on a terrible work deadline just for you. For reals. So how ingenues is this idea by retarded velvet to put this Amul baby character on a pair of Harem plants?? 

PART TWO: The Top 
The top has another crazy Indian cultural and mythological comic strip called "Amar Chitra Katha" on it. So you can find out more about this here.

PART THREE: The Jacket
You have seen me use this jacket a couple of times before on the blog. It is insane in it's prints and colors too and I think unintentionally it does have an Indian feel to it [with the back print that you can see here] which totally compliments all the other modern [almost hipster] cut separates in this outfit with an Indian traditional pop culture print.

Now I have to get back to work! Hope all you guys had a great weekend! I surely did! 



  1. Love those pants! The Amul character is adorable.

  2. This is what i call an Ode to India! I love it and I love the Amul girl, do you knwo you get an iphone app to see all the amul ads??

    1. what????????????????? i want it now!!! what is it called? need now!!!

  3. Amul girl.. amar chitra katha...where did you find these treasures.. love it!!! can't make up my mind.. which one I love more.. and what a blast from the past too.. with all those amar chitra katha characters!!!

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  5. @Saru, you can check out our digitally printed collections at and buy our designs at, which reflect quintessential ephemera from the Indian subcontinent. We're pretty obsessed :)

  6. I'm totally digging those Amul print pants!!! No surprise though...for, which Indian doesn't love the Amul girl? :)

  7. Wow, that is so cool that they even make pants and tops with those themes!!! I love it! :) And yes, I can't get enough of the Amul ads - they're absolutely iconic!


  8. wow loved the pants... would've deff looked even better with a black ganji ! Amul iconic !

  9. love the pics. mightly colourful



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