Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sia: Street Fashion

Images by Prutha Raithatha 

Ok so I know it's fashion week and it's all about fashion and this isn't the most fashionable outfit [although not bad at all] I have spotted on the street, but this isn't about fashion. Its about spotting one of my favorite musicians ever on the street!! SIA!! If you don't know her music, you should kill yourself! You really should! I am in heaven. Also because I think apart from me and a few other people outside the Alexander Wang show, not many outside realized who she was and I was dying inside. I had no one to share it with. So I am sharing it with you guys! I hope some of you can understand my uncontrollable excitement! FUCKKKKKKKK !! I love her!!!


  1. Love your outfit and yeah SIA is an amazing musician.

  2. Hahah niceeee. And she looks amazing.

  3. Electric Bird. She should have grown a little more popular as Christine Aguilara (sp?) sidekick on that singing show she does. I love her.

  4. I would have squealed right with you! exciting. she is great.



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