Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gold Sold: Personal Fashion

Images by NURBS

Shorts, Purple top, Leopard Wedges: TopShop; Sweater: Zara; Gold kicks: Irregular Choices

I am obsessed with this sweater. It looks like an old grandmom sweater and that is why I can't seem to stop wearing it. The shorts and top are a cool blinged out combination. And you know me. To me, more is more [I shall tone it down and be subtle when I am old...mayyyybee]. The gold kicks are my newest most favorite possession ever. I have been wearing them nonstop too. At first I was kinda reluctant to wear them to my very conservative architecture/ real estate firm, but then I realized that my co-workers would have gotten used to me by now [with my red hair and other daily fashion shocks]. So I did it. I wore them to work :). Most people liked them, the others were sweet enough to say "they are totally you". I really appreciate that, I have to say. A million people don't get us but if they just let us be who we are without judgement or snarky comments, the world will be a better place.

Bumped into Subi Roberto, a cool miami artist, at the shoot who also had an Indian nose ring in her hotel room [the location is the front garden of a hotel in soho where she was put up] and while NURBS and I where shooting, ran up stairs and joined us in the end of our shoot for a quick nath [nose ring] photo. I love people who get excited about creativity.


  1. LOVE everything in this outfit!! Those gold sneakers are AMAZING! Love the outfit with the leopards too! Great colors, great post!!

  2. Good one, especially the one with Subi R.

  3. "A million people don't get us but if they just let us be who we are without judgement or snarky comments, the world will be a better place."--truer words may not have been spoken. You should be proud.


  4. OOoh! Those gold babies ARE actually very you!! But then, so's the bling on bling, the bindi, the nose-rings etc... ;)

  5. Hi,
    your outfits are really nice. I liked the last one and your nose ring is amazing. Did you try something like printed or designed T-shirts. I like them very much I think, it would be something new, if you wear designed T-shirt.
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  6. love love love the shoes!!!
    and im liking the hair in these shots too much....waiting for diwali to be over so that i can get a shorter haircut!!..

  7. Second last photo is soo cool!!!! Nice photography!

  8. 4th pic is sexy and how!!! i love this post!



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