Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Am a Secret Carnival Worker: Personal Fashion

Images by Jade Anderson

Harem Shorts: Alexander Wang; Shirt: Cotton World; Shoes: Underground UK; Sunglasses: Fendi; Chandelier Necklace: Karmic Kabira by Vandana Dewan [from Attic Mumbai]; Leather Cuff: Mango

Each piece is this entire outfit of mine has a story. I must tell.

Creepers: I paid more for the shipping of these shoes than I did for the shoes themselves. It is because I ordered UK size 7 instead of US size 7 and had to pay for shipping twice to get the right size.

Shorts: Found my dream shorts at the A. Wang sample sale. Went on the last day for the sale and didn't expect to find much but I did. Literally the only bottoms in my size in the whole sale but nontheless totally my style and I didn't like anything else.

Necklace: Saw it online on the Attic store's facebook page. Asked my friend Shweta who is one of the owners of the store to send me multiple images of it before I could confirm that it really was a huge size necklace. Asked my sister to pick it up for me in Mumbai and was finally sent to me via a bff visiting me from Mumbai. Yes, I want, what I want, what I want!

Fendi SS 2011 Sunglasses: I had been dying over these Fendi sunglasses ever since I saw the pics of the SS 2011 show. After calling all the Fendi stores I realized that unless I was someone insanely important I was not going to find them. So I put myself on the wait list at Fendi and waited and waited and waited. Finally 2 weeks ago they called. And how I made it to NYC from NJ after work and reached the store before 7pm is an entire obstacle race narration altogether. The point is, it was a tough day but I finally made it to the store 3 mins before closing and got my glasses!!! I can totally tell you guys in advance that you are going to get sick of seeing these babies on me for a longgggg longggg time in the future.

But it's all worth it in the name of FASHION!!

BTW, for updated on my adventures during NYFW starting on Wednesday, follow DSM on Twitter

PS: I love this shoot. Wanted to experiment with lines and geometric composition with existing surrounding elements. I think we achieved it quite nicely. Yes?


  1. prutha my admiration is turning to some serious fulltime respect with each passing blogpost!! how just how do you manage to pull of an entirely original creative and throught provoking look each time with disparate items of lowbrow and highbrow fashion. btw the glasses are so avant garde they are totally made for you, not some random loaded first row 'important' people, thats for sure. glad you got them! you're my blog inspiration, enough said :)

  2. I totally agree with the previous writer. Very creative and interesting.

  3. SO interesting outfit and cool photos!:)

  4. i love how you've shot these. great job.

  5. Pic numbers 6,8,10 - STUNNING! Creative genius I say...Jade Anderson took the perfect angles for all those shapes! Super Impressed!
    Must say Pru... just when am dying to hear 'NEW' from you... BANG you're back with such an understated 'EXPLOSION'
    Don't blame my comments for being as contrasting as the abstruse and b&w in your photo's... I speak my heart ;)

  6. Hi Prutha, that necklace, those shoes, OMG the Fendi's! All awesome and the photographs are gorgeous. I love all the stories too!

  7. One of your strongest posts, I think. Love it.

  8. Such fantastic photoshoots. Love this feeling! :)


  9. One of the best shoots I've seen on DSM.....the black & white shots couldn't have been more perfect! And just don't get me started on those glasses & the neckpiece! Sigh! <3

  10. No 6 is a stellar shot!!!! Love the post as well!!!

  11. love the shoot....one of the best shoots i have seen here!!!

    love the way you have combined geometry of space with geometry of ur outfit!!!

    yes!! what all we do for the love of fashion!!

  12. interesting outfit, and these shots looks great in b&w!

  13. Awesome photos. Well done. And I LOVE the shades!

  14. u bought the shades!!! and ur necklace and ur creepers and U! UUUUUUU!!

  15. you are amazing .. such amazing shots.. louve that necklace

  16. that necklace is so great! and those shoes are amazing :) great meeting you yesterday!

    XO Sahra

  17. dude you rock.

    love you peeking out of the building and the drain best.

    go head with your fashion pioneering. love it!

  18. Amazing styling and pictures! Why aren't you in the fashion biz already?? Your style is sooo unique and always fashionable! I admire that too! Kisses :)

  19. Oh my gosh I just love these photos! they are so amazing! please come visit us at our new blog site

    how can we follow you? Twitter? let us know.
    val n cami

  20. Hi! I absolutely love this shoot...thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the necklace ( I am the designer of this crystal baby!!! ) ;)



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