Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blue Moon: Personal Fashion

Images by Surfaraz Maner 

Dress: Complex Geometry; Skirt: Too old to remember; Shoes: MoonSpoon Salon; Socks: Disegual; Hat: Gift store at Hershey Park; Sunglasses: Gucci; Necklace: All Saints

I found this Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 looking hat at an amusement park gift store. My dad thought I was crazy, I thought I got lucky. I did, didn't I?

Layered my asymmetrical kerchief skirt with this complex geometry top. I like the blue peaking in different shapes from below the dress. 

Apart from that, I just have to thank all you people out there who visit this blog. The iPhone covers so far have been a great hit and I can feel the love like never before! Also, just the comments, responses, likes, retweets, all make a huge impact and I love knowing that someone out there is reading / looking at my work. I love my life because of you! 

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