Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bitch Fest: Personal Fashion

Images by Jackie Russo 
 Kaftan: Vintage; Sandals: India 

In a universe where we are expected to expect the unexpected, it's difficult to understand why we are  always looking for stability. There are insane things happening in my life through this blog. From attending 20-30 shows at NY fashion week and with every season I get better and better show invites [incl: Michael Kors, Prabal Gurung, Betsey Johnson, Herver Leger, Helmut Lang, etc.], sitting in some front rows, interviewing insane designers like Nickolas Kirkwood, Jen Koa, etc., connecting with super creative people around the world, having some of them recognize my work and like it [!!!], getting random requests in my inbox to write for people/ websites/ magazines especially Vogue India which I have done for almost 2 years, or just emails from photogs who want to shoot for DSM, to designing my first product, to actually being considered to be a part of a reality TV show! Almost all of which has just happened to me and I haven't sought. It's been too crazy to comprehend. 

And I love my life so much more right now with all it's ups and downs. Trust me there are a lot of downs. Almost every day I tell someone close to me that every time I feel like things are going great, the same exact day or the day after something horribly wrong will happen and I feel like I have hit rock bottom. And it is never just a small good thing, it's a massive good thing and an equally massive bad thing. So the balance is still there except the amplitude and frequency is higher. See diagram below for explanation. Essentially I am unsure if this frequency is healthy cause it's too much to take so often. So I am just enjoying the excessive roller coaster ride and hoping not to throw up. Teaching myself along the way from my own mistakes and some from others on how not to loose myself, but also to not be afraid to just let go completely without reservations so I can see what I can be. Who knew a stupid blog could teach you so many life lessons.


  1. You have to see your trajectory for what it is and savor every moment of it.

    And I totally love the "BITCH" and the yin-yang together.


  2. I met you once last year and told you I loved your blog at this 90's grunge night bar and you were smiling and radiant even though a complete nobody liked your work. Stay strong because an entire world looks forward to your posts!

    1. awee... thanku!! and i totally remember u too. [except i forgot the name :/] ... btw, if u live in nyc we should be friends. drop me an email or something. and again thanku for the encouragement!!

  3. Wow, just read your blog. Amazed by your boldness and creativity. I will be in NY this weekend. I feel like meeting you...if you re around :)

    1. i am not around this weekend. but drop me a line if u around another time for sure

  4. Great post! The Styles are amazingly creative and bold! I hope your life stays as awesome as you are telling right now! Love the sandals btw :)

    Best Regards,
    Andi Smith

  5. The reality is, human brains are very complex and weird and everytime you out do yourself, you've set yourself a new limit...none of us know where we want to be, or what we want to do, or what we want to achieve. Those who do, limit themselves to the mere realms of their existing lives and are probably too afraid to wander.
    You, my dear friend, are a wanderer.
    Congratulations! You've living a very exciting graph! Please never forget - there are people out there who look out for your updates regularly, and are waiting to get critical of your work and wanting you to out do yourself over and over again...
    The need for stability... is when the mind gets really tired and wants to rest... :0)



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