Monday, December 5, 2011

The Dog Days are Over: Personal Fashion

Images by Jackie Russo

Shorts: Alexander Wang; Striped Tee: Club Monaco; Blue tee: Versace for H&M; Shoes: Irregular Choices

This weekend has been one of those where you didn't expect anything to happen, but a lot ends up happening and after it's done you think to yourself, "Damn, I did not see that coming". hehe.. In a good way.

I love these A.Wang shorts. Wear them everywhere. And my striped hole-ly tee is proving to be my favorite layer in the winter. The tee is one of my grabs from the Versace for H&M collections. Although from the men's section. I liked it better.

Watched a movie called "House of Pleasure" today. Pretty intense I have to say. Has me wondering about the vulnerability of the human heart that will never stop wanting to fall in love and the horror that some psychotic minds can inflict on themselves and others. Either ways anything that gets me thinking is worth it I say.

Hope you had a great weekend too lovers.


  1. What a beautiful Tee. Versace really did an excellent job for H&M. This outfit is a perfect combo of different patterns.

  2. These shorts are fabulous! I haven't gotten over to H&M yet to see the Versace collection. I'm pretty excited about the Dragon Tattoo capsule line though. I've been doing a lot of layering this season with Commes des Garcons tshirts (x Beatles and "Play"). I throw one on over whatever sweater I'm wearing and it adds some fun.

  3. Such fun pictures!! Like those hot pink puckers!! :)

  4. as always..u rock babe!!!
    loving da hair color!!

  5. need to know what color lipstick you're wearing. my mom is a huge hot pink lipstick chick!

    email me!


  6. just love the nautical feel that stripes add. Paired with Alexander Wang shorts, I want, want want!



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