Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pin Up Girls: For Vogue India

This is my latest post for Vogue India

I am obsessed with anything unconventional used as a raw material to create fashion. We have seen some variations of safety pins being used as a way to embellish an outfit or a jacket like Moschino did about 2-3 years ago. But I recently spotted two very interesting and amazing ways in which safety pins were used to jazz up a chunky necklace. And jazz it utterly did. The first necklace is no brand no name piece from Korea, which cost under $50, and the second one is a Tom Binn necklace, which probably costs around $1000. Either ways, I think it’s a super cool way to give your pretty diamond/ beaded necklace a punk rock edge. Rather rebellious a stunt I must way. 

I spotted this girl at 2 different times with the same necklace worn with different outfits and it looked fantastic both the times.

As worn by Sarah Easley.
Images by Prutha Raithatha


  1. WOW! That 1st necklace is super-cool!!! *Drool*

  2. i love the overall simplicity of the first one.

  3. my grandmother always has safety pins in her chains for all practical reasons! maybe I should show her these pictures :)

  4. whooooo, that is soooo creative! it looks wow!

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