Monday, October 31, 2011

Harakujua and The Bunny: Personal Fashion

Images by Jackie Russo

Kaftan [actually nightwear made in Pakistan]: Thrifted; B/W Tee: Club Monaco; Shoes: Irregular Choices; Hair Clips: H&M; Blinged iPhone cover: Irregular Choices

So this is how I image Japanese [Harakuju] street fashion would look like in New York. I know the colors are summer-y but I don't really care to be ombre in the winter either. So this is what I plan on wearing on the weekends in my winter here. I utterly love this outfit!!! It's soo comfy and me.

Introducing yet another talented photographer Jackie. She's an NYU student and you can check out more of her cool work here.


  1. these colors are really something; eye catching to say the least
    and right you are not to care whether winter or summer
    nice to get to know another NYU student
    and greetings from Brussls

  2. Very personal stlye... and great hair!

  3. that's a perfect anecdote to the snow you had this weekend.

    and the color images are so different from the black and whites.

  4. The Japanese really go over the top.ove the little bunny.

  5. You really have the coolest pairs of shoes I've ever seen......would love to get a look at your entire shoe closet someday!!

    Great snaps by the way.... :)

  6. before reading the text, looking at the pics, I was already thinking tokyo fashion :O

  7. I love your shoes!!! And the subway photos.

  8. Prutha mind blowing shoes!!



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