Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nip Tuck: Personal Fashion

Images by Brian Augustine

Shirt and dress: Vintage; Skull Necklace: Evolution; Shoes: Custom Underground UK Creepers

The only issue with buying vintage stuff for a bigger person like me is that we seldom find things in our size. But sometimes you just love an outfit so much that you have to have it even if it is not in your size. And then you get creative and find a new way to wear it to hide your protruding curves or to just make it work. This dress [as seen in the last picture] didn't fit me that well so I draped and folded and pinned it a little to form my own new outfit which, if I may say so myself, turned out to be so much cooler!!!! It's something I honestly honestly will wear just like that when I go out on a regular day. Too bad I can't keep the dress forever as my friend Tasha and I decided to share it when we bought it cause we both loved the dress so much.

Introducing another talented photographer Brian to the DSM team!! I met Brian at NYFW while we both shot street fashion outside the tents and got to talking and he very graciously offered to help me with my blog. With NURBS and Upasna having moved away, I am getting a new team together and touch wood so far it has been totally fun and easy.

Love you guys for all your support. It really is encouraging to hear from you all. Big Thanku.


  1. Oh! Prutha! Fantastic. Love the eye make up, hair, outfits and pictures!!! Everything.

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  2. Love your nails and makeup

  3. if frida kahlo was born today this is what she would look like, totally whimsical and gorgeous and so fierce!!! i love the lip colour and the nails! how do you get the funky b&w print on them?

  4. Love the colours and my gosh! your makeup is fantastic!

  5. You look amazing! I love your shoes!

  6. *Love* the gamut of colors - the turning autumn leaves, make-up, the rusty texture, the wall art, the dress...especially liked the first image!

  7. Love the whole outfit...so unique!


  8. That's a very cute dress- love the pattern!

    New hairdo? looks great!

    PS: happy Diwali, Prutha!

  9. the eye-makeup is looking lovely -BA@The Awesome Sisters

  10. Tomorrow will be diwali so happy diwali guyes!!!!!! In advance

  11. New hair color!!! <3
    Super-cool eye make-up!!! <3
    Great way to wear a great dress!!! <3

    I so envy you for having so many talented photographers around!

  12. so funny the manicure!!


  13. I just found your blog yesterday jUST YESTERDAY!! don't know under what rock i was living :P Love love how with a simple pin how you have revamped this vintage dress absolutely love it!! Soaking in each of your posts, the messages and the amazing designers and accessories links which you have posted!!
    Keep blogging and inspiring
    Peace and Love from sunny Dubai



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