Wednesday, May 18, 2011

High Tops: New Post for Vogue.In

Check out my new post for Vogue India on  High-Tops for this spring. Have to love the Taylor Tomasi Hill trend set during Fashion Week!!

Also here is another post I did the week before on Baroque Wedges and finding a cheaper option for it [not a replica..I would never do that..]. Although I hate to have discovered that my fashion hero icon Iris Apfel just did one of those "inspired" replicas for her new jewelry line for HSN as per Sea of Shoes. I am utterly heart broken to hear of it!! Why oh Why did you do this Iris!! You don't need the money and there isn't anyone more original and creative than you so why copy?? You could have just come up with something so much cooler all by yourself, no?

But seriously people fashion Piracy is totally fucking uncool!!!! Don't do it  or support it!!! Try your hardest to not pick up that Prada look alike dress from Zara or the blatantly copied shoes by Jeffery Campbell!! I know most of us can't afford the originals and that's why we opt for the cheaper options but really we can get other original designs in our budget!! Go for that instead. It's hard sometimes but as anyone who appreciates art of any form or just believes in doing the right thing you MUST NOT support it!! Please!!! None of us are perfect or even aware sometimes of whats copied from whom etc, but we have to try to stop ourselves when we do. Right?


  1. U r right..if it isn't original , it isn't cool!!

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  2. I hate wearing copycats. I find Zara boring. I rather wear vintage that I can afford.

  3. I will say that it's important to be an ethical consumer. xx from Soleil

  4. Cool hightops article...I have an unhealthy obsession with them already. Regarding copycat designs, I agree that fakes are uncool and so is unethical manufacturing by some of these retailers; but it's pretty hard not to buy stuff from the high street that isn't a copy cat. Alot of the time I find myself liking the high street versions more. Designers set a trend....high street retailers copy...people follow the's the way things go. The only negative is that everyone ends up looking the same...the power of conformity eh!

  5. Fashion Piracy is something very debatable. And fashion is the only industry, apparently, where no one can patent their designs. They can only patent logos. Diane of DVF, I had heard, was trying to introduce the concept of patenting each design but I don't think it's going anywhere. That;s why we see so called 'copies' of haute coutoure in local stores.

  6. I have been lusting after those Jeremy Scott for Adidas high tops ever since the gold winged ones came out a few years ago.... sigh. Love the baroque wedges too! And how cool that you contribute to Vogue India!

    Thanks for the comment :). I agree about not buying blatantly copied designer stuff from Zara, etc. I'd rather wish for and admire the designer stuff and find unique vintages pieces instead, at least until I can afford the real stuff myself.

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  7. Fashion Piracy is a difficult issue, more so for women I suspect than for men. I love clothes, but as I get older, I want fewer pieces, I want less stuff, so I buy better. Youth tends to crave more more more but after a while that gets old and one comes to realize that the money should have been spent on EXPERIENCES rather than stuff.

  8. Oh, PS. I"m very disappointed with Iris Apfel too.



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