Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oye, Where did Spring Go?

Are we back to winter again? The weather men lie!! It’s raining and cold and I’m in my winter gear again. Wtf!!

Well atleast we spotted someone to brighten up our day. I am wondering what kind of a look this could be classified as? Male Boho? If yes, I think it’s a rare find. Before we spotted this guy, I really hadn’t thought about what a Bohemian look for guys would contain. Well maybe this is it.

 Anyhow, I love that jacket. The colors and the design have that vintage look which always gets me.  And I like the moustache and the beard on him. What say you?


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  2. here it's thesame..
    We are all back to winter again... :(

  3. I've always loved Geometry even as a kid ;)

  4. I thought it was warm in NY!!! spoke with my friend last week and she said it was really hot!
    London Weather sucks!!! Nice

  5. love that jacket!
    hope the weather gets better soon
    have a great week ahead!

  6. Whatever look he's trying to channel, I love it. His confidence and that smile are all that matters. xoxo

  7. Does this guy even know how cool he is? Probably. But, that smirk is adorable enough that he seems so unassuming! Love his style.
    It doesn't feel like spring here...still waiting.

  8. Oh Prutha... Yes it was right baby! I Love what i see here.... Let's follow our blog each other... ^^

    and by the way about weather.... summer is coming so early here.... just wait for my next post...^^

    Beny Ricardo Sadewo

  9. The beanie is boho but I think overall it's a mixed bag. This guy has a really fun sense of style.

  10. Haha I liked "Oye" in the title :)



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