Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Maggie Norris: Street Fashion

Coat/ Sweater/ Romper: Designed by herself ; Hat: Scotland, Tartan wool, Boots: Prada; Necklace/ Belt: Santa Fe; Purse: Louis Vuitton

Its sort of hard for me to explain to you why this is an interesting post for both S and I. Lets talk about the photography first. If you notice, in all the pictures S has one connecting theme. That theme is a window of light [square in shape] somewhere on Maggie.  It is a physical blocking of light and shade, which we only hear of in the abstract by artists and never know what it actually looks like. Well now you can see it.  And to think that she found this source of light in the space we were in just by chance and worked around it to capture it in different positions is incredible.

Fashion wise this is an important post cause as you have seen in last week’s post on Christina Viera and you will see a few more in the coming weeks, I am sort of bumping into incredible women of a generation ahead of me that are total fashion rock stars. And they are sincerely inspiring me. Maggie Norris is a couture designer whose work is impeccable and so luxurious that if I ever saw one of her pieces in person I may be scared to touch it. She was a designer with Ralph Lauren for many years after which she started her own label called Maggie Norris Couture worn by many celebrities for red carpet events.

And to think that after such accomplishments she was totally down to earth and super excited to add me to her facebook teaches you to stay humble in life, no matter what. I will never forget that. And I hope we all don’t. 


  1. wow that abstract lighting is really incredible. and maggie norris sounds like an inspiring woman. where do you meet such people?

  2. we meet them completely randomly!!! can u believe it!! i love NYC and i love this street fashion blogging business. its taken our NYC experience to a whole other level!!

  3. That's incredible.
    Such grace and modesty.
    I'm really liking your blog.
    You guys have got 'the eye.'
    Following u now. Are you on bloglovin?
    I couldn't find you.

  4. I've found you now on bloglovin!
    Typed in the wrong name. Haha.
    Had a look at your old posts and they are incredible. You're right, we do have the same taste.
    Thanks for following.

  5. Gorgeous hat!

    Have a lovely Tuesday, darling! ♥

  6. That's gorgeous!
    Great shots

  7. Spectacular photos. Intriguing story. Great post :^)

  8. Cool blog!
    Please visit my blog and tell me what you think about. I hope you'll be one of my followers.

    Bye LB


  9. This is such an original blog!

    LOVE it <3


  10. nice! great pics!


  11. Great photos and great look as well. I hope to own a piece of jewelry like that once

  12. love street looks!
    your blog is amazing and have nice pictures!
    please come back there and follow me too !


  13. you're a quality blogger! i like that idea with the square light hitting her. and i love what you've written about her; she seems so sweet and humble.

  14. wow, is that ever an amazing way to layer... stunning lass!



  15. These photos, the model are magic! Bravo

  16. good things happen to good ppl... & its gr8 that u bump into such nice ppl wearing such lovely stuff. even if im not online for days on end, i c to it dat wen im back i go thru all ur posts. im addicted to ur blog! hehe... seriously awesome work guys! i love ur blog! :)



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