Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dusty Buttons: Personal Fashion

Dress: 1970’s Vintage from Dusty Buttons; Shoes: Steve; Hat Bag: Daffy’s; Butterfly Ring: Costume Jewelry from random shop in NYC.

If I haven’t already flaunted my obsession for vintage with all the street vintage styles we’ve spotted so far, let this post make it clear. I just love the idea of dressing from a different period for fun. This 1970’s dress is one of my obsessions. S and I were street fashion hunting one day when we walked past this vintage store called “Dusty Buttons” [isn’t that the most perfect name for a store like that?]. I fell in love with the dress and the rest is history..hehe… [Get it??.. coz the dress is from the 1970’s and hence history? …Sometimes I just crack myself…pls ignore me..]

And when I am wearing something this different I try to keep my accessories to the minimum. One big cocktail ring to add that glitter to the simple matte outfit is enough. The rest are just accomplices playing the part.
Did you guys have a happy weekend?


  1. how did you get your eye makeup to flawlessly match your nails... very pretty i must say :)

  2. Prutha!
    That ring! You always wear the sexiest accesories.
    I love the dress as well.
    And the shoes and bag have left me speechless!

    The weekend was good.
    I'm hoping so was yours :)


  3. Oh my god! Please send me this dress and this ring, if not I am sure I would die before end of spring!

  4. That case is just awesome. I would carry all manner of pretty things in there.

  5. I am LOVING the teeny tiny hat bag :))) And I love how you've done you eyes.

  6. well done you.
    i like the way you've broken it down.
    everything in this post is super.

  7. What a great style!!! Gorgeous bag....

  8. Love the bag and the dress. You're looking so vintage :)

  9. love the ring!!!

    -He approves

  10. OMG!! I love how u used the hat bag as a purse!! the whole look is adorable and ur nail color perfectly matches ur ring.,.this is what I call attention to detail!!

  11. hi from Paris :)

    sooo cute!!

    beautiful pictures!!!!



  12. Wow!
    Looking fab! Love the ring!
    - Adele

  13. The mary janes are super cute!! Would love wewaring those with casual denims! :)

  14. am loving the big hair!!! is it backbrushed and sprayed or is that natural?? totally goes with the flamboyant 70s dress and hat bag!

  15. Love that ring, love that bag :) ... Love your smile too!!! Had an awesome weekend! :)

  16. That ring is to die for...So beautiful:) Thank you so much for your lovely comment...I am so happy you did and this way I found you!
    Great post:)
    Hope to see you soon:)
    Kisses my dear!

  17. WOW, I totally love ur hair!! the color the crimping... gives such a unique look to everything you wear..! Loving ur blog!

  18. tell me... did u actually plan it well before to pose next to that statue and use that paw???

  19. thanks all

    @Lea: i used a RED pigment as eye shadow. do its very rich and opaque and actually gives the color. i have another post coming up in a few weeks where i have taken a detail pic of the eyes...its check it out... i figured having red lips all the time can be suplimented with red eye makeup and nude lips... :) ...i love experimenting

    @ Madam M: u crack me up... the ring maybe i can if u really really want it...dress is one of a kind :(

    @ scryptic: i used a crimping iron on my hair for volume and just fun!! i was getting bored of the long bob i currently have and dont know how to style hair this long..u know me..i havent ever had my hair this long!!! ...but i wanted an afro with this outfit...would have been perfect...but since i have only soo much hair had to settle for the crimping... FYI, IM BRINGING CRIMPING BACK ;-)

    @perknima: we found the statue just wondering about for a location..but the paw was intentional..S's eye i tell u...she just see's things noone does and uses it in her pictures!!

    i may post a pic of the ring in detail..its like a globe of orange and red glitter... !!! i love it!!

  20. oh nice shoes! And I love that big ring too!
    Great style you got going here : )

  21. Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    I love 2nd photo.
    It's beautiful and I love butterfly.

  22. How about following eachother?

  23. I am the same way with jewelry. I think one stunning piece goes a long way and doesn't compete with the outfit. :)

    xx rk

  24. love love love!!! Amazing everything....



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