Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shraddha in her Element: Photographer

I know you’ve been introduced before, but lets do it again. Meet my fabulous, super talented and awesome photographer and friend Shraddha. We were shooting one day and she showed up [like always] in jeans and a tee and her converses. Only difference was that this time I actually liked the thrifted off shoulder sweatshirt she was wearing. Pretty cool huh?

I’m always bugging her about her ultra low-cost low/no-maintenance fashion [non] sense. But secretly I like it [Don't tell her that]. She stays true to her comfortable arty farty indo-fused casual fashion. It never looks like she tried too hard, infact quite the opposite. There is always a coolness in ease.

Besides that you all have seen all the fabulous pictures on this blog and you know that she has the perfect eye for composition and that she is truly utterly talented!! What’s more fashionable than being really freaking good at what you do?

I love you hunny!!! And Thank you!!


  1. cool!!! i like her style.

  2. I love her sweatshirt too :) And the Converses are cute :)

  3. not to mention that i think she is stunning looking, maybe more so because of the completely casualness with which she carries her looks :)

  4. She is uber-talented. That's for sure. And she looks very comfortable in her skin.

  5. Oh great shoot!
    Loving the jumping action.
    Your blog is divine. I am now a follower.
    Thanks for the visit love. Hope you do visit again hehe ;)


  6. Such fun photos! I look forward to seeing more.

    Thanks so much for stopping by/commenting my blog.


  7. simple...

  8. Effortless chic.
    We like that.
    I loved your former post so much that I emailed everyone I know about it!
    That's a get.
    I'm posting something about Mayfair achitecture tommorrow on my blog. Check it out.
    Thanks for the comment on mine.

  9. I'm such a fan of converse, I'm always in mine!

  10. I love converses. She is really pretty! =)

    Marina J.G.

  11. no doubt she is awesome at what she does...i really really love all the pictures on your blog...& she is really cool !

  12. Heeey, cute blog and pictures! Really great sense of style. Following you, follow em too?
    "fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

  13. thanks for our comments on my blog. i like your friend's fashion too. it's so effortless.

    ps. i really like your blog. haha following it now. i love discovering new street style blogs!

  14. She looks great! She's comfortable and relaxed, yet she has that way about her that makes her stunning, and I'm sure she looks that way no matter what she's wearing. Great pictures!

  15. You look great in this casual/comfy look! :D

    beijo *

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  17. love the blog + these pic's :)



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