Friday, April 2, 2010

500 Days of Summer

When I saw this guy sitting on that bench like that with the sun hitting the scene nothing else but the words “500 Days of Summer” flashed in my head. Doesn’t this shot remind you of Tom Hansen from the movie [see image below]? Love the jacket and the shirt inside. FYI, if you haven't yet watched the movie, you clearly are insane. I suggest renting it RIGHT NOW and watching it!! Get off that potty / chair and go to blockbuster and get the damn movie yo!!

I still can't forget my friend Remya's words after we got out of the movie and were discussing it in context with our then love lives. She said, "Don't worry ladies, we are just in the wrong season". Well said hunny, well said. 

Also, at times I feel like I am blind, cause I have been obsessing over this canvas bag in the picture for the past 4 yrs now. Everyone on this planet seems to have it [yes its very common] and I can not seem to find it!! Someone with eyes please Help!! 

PS: Sorry for the delay in posting today. Was inebriated last night with Nyquil...*sniff sniff*

Above: image from the movie


  1. I AM FAMOUS - Made it on Pru's blog!!!!!

    Love the fact that you remembered our movie moments.

    Agree on the resemblance to Hamsen and the bag reminded me of my elementary school bag. Though this one is more chic.

  2. yaa, it reminds of bench and park in movie :)

  3. remya, that elementary school bag [daftur as we used to call it in hindi] is another of my obssessions...i am dying to get on when i go back home!!!

  4. 1) Will rent/download the movie, spring is starting and I'm feeling romantic.

    2) Bag is from J. Crew.



  6. I never got around to seeing that movie!!
    looks good though :) :)
    great blog!
    stop by some time xx

  7. It totally does! Gosh I love that movie!!


  8. Wow... This guy looks so much like Tom!

    And yeah.. That movie was brilliant. A good change compared to the usual cliche story lines!



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