Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Manage My Closet: Street Fashion

Jacket: Zero 

Not to make a generalized statement but just from the past 3-month’s experience as a blogger most of the people whom we find to be dressed interestingly have been from some sort of a creative background. So when we spotted Ingrid who is in Management we were pleasantly surprised to have a non art related professional dressed so well. Texture makes such a huge difference to clothes. Love the woven pattern on her jacket with the slight shine. Makes it look so rich right? Love her boots [check the detail on the back of the boots]. And I’m so glad she added the pop of the red color with her purse. Wouldn’t have been complete without it.

Oh, and FYI, I won 2 giveaways today!! I entered a sexy sweatpants competition on the lovely MizzJ ’s blog, where I sent in my version of a club/ party look using some sweatpants/ athletic wear as one of the pieces of the look..and I won that!! Check it out .  [Will do a post on that outfit shortly]

Second I won a cute necklace giveaway from Barely Vogue , another cool fashion blog I came across randomly. I didn’t have to do anything for this giveaway except send in my name for a lucky draw. So I guess I just got lucky that my name got picked! Yeahiee…I never get lucky!!! EVERRRRRRR!! I guess my luck is changing….now if only that cute guy from my post a few days ago calls, my life will be set ;-)

I think this giveaway business is quite fun!! Maybe I’ll do one too. Don’t know when/ where/ what, but stay tuned sexies!!

PS: My blogspot is acting funny...bitting nails...hope it fixes itself soon!! yikes!!!


  1. cool..!

  2. I won something yesterday, too. :)
    Maybe we are the "lucky two"!;)

  3. Lucky you congrats :)) The jacket is sooo special and I love her bright red bag!

  4. Maybe your luck is contagious - hope so!
    Love your blog, just added you to my follow list.
    Also adore this girl's red bag...and the jacket too.

    Have a good rest of the week

  5. Hey
    thaks for your visit! Liked you blog and I'm already following it!

  6. un tessuto particolare che rende questa giacca favolosa, magari abbinata ad un bel pantalone color cachi!!!

  7. Hi Prutha!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I DO like what I see,and am now following!! :)

  8. Love that jacket.
    Great capture!

    ~taryn xx

  9. tres japonais ;) her jacket reminds me of a samurai armour. like it

  10. Maria is a brilliant designer. Love this jacket. Love. Love.. Love . . .

  11. those boots and that purse are to die for!! Love them :)

  12. Love her look! Complex texture and yet totally simple and laid back all at once. Leah Durner



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