Thursday, March 29, 2012

New York Fashion week: Quirksome

Quirky is probably the best way to be in current times. It’s a state of mind, way of life or a way of dressing that according to me, allows you to be experimental and cute at the same time. It’s the perfect combination where you are not going to be stared down that much for being a little out there. Try it. It’s fun. How? Get some fun ideas from the designers that did it best at NYFW 2012.

1] Libertine:

Libertine was the highlight of fun at NYFW. Big tweed jackets, skirts and dresses all covered in large sized disc shaped sequin and embroidery. A lot of badass skulls made of sequins on pretty plaid jackets. The finale included all the models dancing away on the runway and having fun, which was such a pleasure to watch. The front row quirks included designer Thom Browne [Below Right] wearing his signature-shrunken suit from his own collection and Michelle Reneau [below left] wearing shorts and a hat covered in smiley faces. [Below images by Prutha Raithatha]

2] Anna Sui

Anna Sui knows how to do fun and flirty in the best possible way. The quirky knit accessories where a cool way to fun up the girly pretty outfits. That blue eyeliner is pure genius. Nothing new but definitely something under used and needs to be more out there. Fall, we know, is a season of grays for most people but for those who want to break away and be the sun of their own lives, colors are the best way to brighten up our days and of the people around you.

Happiness is a state of mind, which can very well be achieved by just dressing up in happy clothes. How can you be blue when you have kitten mittens on that you can use as hand puppets to talk to? It’s as simple as that. Animate your wardrobe and you will have fun just laughing at yourself.

All images by Anna Morgowicz for and Don't Shoe Me blog [unless otherwise noted]


  1. love this! fun style. creative combos. really cool. thanks for sharing. well done. good eye.

  2. OMG anna sui is just amazing... love the white & gold... a bit chanel-ish but who cares when its so good!

  3. Lovely Post...........funny styles.................



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