Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kay Unger: Street Fashion

Images by Shraddha Borawake

Dress: Paul Smith; Shoes: Vintage Manolo Blahnik ; Sunglasses: Phoebe Couture; Bangles: Alexis Bittar; Purses: Chanel; Hat: Found on the streets of Paris a long long time ago.

Blessed are the streets of New York. If you actually try to find out, you will know that you walk amongst amazing talent all around you at all times. You just didn’t know it before.

How crazy is it that we bumped into the famous fashion designer Kay Unger in Soho. Ofccourse I stopped her because of her attire and that fabulous hat. But honestly I spent like 20 mins talking to her. I just wanted to know everything about her, so I took my time. S very sweetly, watched me get my Fashion “gyan” [knowledge] from Kay. Kay couldn’t have been sweeter.

Kay actually when to Parsons for Fashion Design with Tim Gunn and graduated in 1968. And she has 2 labels: Kay Unger and Phoebe Couture. Both sold at places like Neiman Marcus, etc. And finally, I have to say; meeting a lot of people randomly on the street has been a fantastic learning experience I will cherish forever. 


  1. Totally crazy! And the Chanel bag in a chanel bag...Holalala incredible! I went to their site and that's pretty, my favorite is Phoebe couture which more looks like Kay. I'am wondering if these brand is well known in USA.

  2. I love the hat! ;D

  3. I can't get enough of that stunning hat! Lovely! The dress and shoes are stunning too!

  4. Incredible details!
    I love this post.
    Just did a post on hats as well today.
    Check it out.

  5. Wow! Very cool! I love the hat although I can't imagine pulling that off myself!

  6. I LOVE how you've taken a stroll down the street to such a fabulously extravagant level.

  7. Blessed indeed!
    Such an interesting post this is!

  8. wowweeee! Such a charismatic woman! amazing, that dress is incredible, quite surprised its paul smith, thought it was lots of things layered up!

  9. I love seeing older women that are so stylish. That hat is CRAZY!

    Mustart x

  10. Wow amazing to bump into her!! Love her hat!

    Great blog!!

    <3 Kelly

  11. another stylish and awesome designer, i just love whatever she's wearing, love this post, xoxo



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