Thursday, July 24, 2014

NYC Gold: Styling

Images by Hrishikesh Vimadalal 

Sona's Gold Earings by Eina Ahluwalia

A few weeks ago the brilliant Sona Mohapatra was visiting NYC and we caught up over some Spanish Tapas, Eina and Akita Ahluwalia who were also in town and a lot of Kallol Datta talk. Kallol is the connecting factor amongst all of us. Even though Kallol wasn't in NYC, it felt like a 3D hologram of him was floating above our heads at dinner. I think we ladies planned his entire future for him, figured out how he can conquer the world with his genius, become famous [more than he already is] and still stay humble and the beautiful person he is. It's all done and decided. We just haven't told him yet. 

Connections of the like minded, connected by the like minded. Sona and I connected pretty instantly. We caught up a couple of times after that and when two creatives collide, this happens. We brain stormed over an idea to shoot and then shot it the next day. For kicks, for fun and for creative explorations. Had the best time. I decided to style Sona and Sona decided to color NYC with her fused Indianness. We took over the streets of Soho with our undefined but definitely recognisable nationality. Eina's gold jewellery that she lent to us for the shoot helped make the statement. 

BTW, these Ahluwalia girls are the nicest people on this planet. I mean saintly nice! I swear. Felt like a total uncultured brat with my utterly unfiltered vocabulary in their presence. But somehow they promised they weren't judging. So I concur I'm good in their books. If you haven't seen their work, you are missing out! So do yourself a favour and go check them out. All their jewellery is hand made by super talented local artisans and the brand's business model is entirely based on not exploiting the artisans, pays them what they demand in renumeration and nurtures their sustainability so they do not give up on their trade art of fine jewellery making for a job that pays better. 

On the other hand for all those who don't know Sona, she is an insane musician with the gift of a voice that can shake your core. And quite easily. You have to listen to her music to feel the soul and fun. She has several Bollywood songs to her name, was part of Coke studios, performs all over the world and has a fantastic sense of style. Check out some of her works here.


  1. Oooh! Sona completely rocks it and how!
    Amazing styling!! And Eina's jewellery is as gorgeous as ever! <3

  2. love it! sona looks amazingg

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  4. Absolutely fantastic... Never ever thought an odhni would look so glamorous.. And so much oomph... Sona's fabulous! And to think it had to travel from the lanes of Shahpurjat, New Delhi - to Hyderabad - to New York for such a transformation! What a journey.... Superb!



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