Wednesday, June 19, 2013

EXP DATE: 7/7 - Personal Fashion

Images by Hrishikesh Vimadalal 

Pants: Comme Des Garcons; Tee: J.Crew; Shoes: Underground UK 

 In British English [which is what I grew up learning] when someone dies, a polite way to say that is, "he/she expired today". I know the rest of the world finds this phrase to be funny or impersonal but that is not the intention. However the idea of us as humans having a pre-set expiration date of survival [like milk or fruits] is quite surreal. If you asked my mom she would say she believed we came into this world with our destiny pre-decided with an exact date of expiration. I think a lot of us believe that. But what about some times during our course of life when we die a little. And then that happens again and we die a little inside again. And then over and over again at multiple times during the course of an entire lifetime? Is life a slow death?


  1. I love the whole shoot, and I love your thought process on life. It is something to think about!!


  2. What a phenomenal shoot - love the concept and the way you presented the photos:)



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