Monday, March 11, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Glamourous Indian Construction Worker: Personal Fashion

Images by Upasana Jain 

Jacket: Zara; Wide Legged Pants: Fabindia; Necklace: Outhouse; Ring: Manish Arora for Amrapali jewels; Shoes: Moonspoon Salon; Sunglasses: Oakley 

Everytime I go to India for a vacation I have to schedule atleast one shoot there. It is my favorite fabric to shoot against. Last time it was at Chor Bazaar which was quite an experience and this time it was at a construction site in Raey Road and the slums outside of it. It is always a huge experience to shoot in India. Everything becomes such a spectacle and mostly in a fun way. Everyone wants to participate, like my sister's driver in the first few pictures who decided to wear my sunglasses and act cheeky, the construction workers at my friend's site who were all to excited to pose and then the ladies in the slums who kept asking me to fry their fish. It was awesome. While shooting in the slums outside we [as usual] had a whole mob of people gather around just watching, which stalled the traffic behind them and eventually attracted the attention of some cops who came by to stop us from taking pictures as we were creating a commotion. Told you it's always interesting to shoot in india. 

Love these pictures. Love my jewelry. And love my incredible photographer's talent and drive to not be afraid of all the shit I put her through during our shoots.


  1. The colours of the clothes worn by those women and girl are giving your colours an awesome fight! Now we know that colours are shining in the indian gene pool.

  2. This is absolutely brilliant. Probably one of my favourite ever shoots from you, lady. And you're glowing. Gorgeous.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  3. Love everything about this shoot! Awesome work :)

  4. This is insane and fun and crazy and epic all at once! Love it! I can only imagine how interesting it must be to do a shoot in India!


  5. Dat's an awesome shoot....



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