Monday, November 5, 2012

Disconnect to Connect: Personal Fashion

Images by Alison Wynn  

Coat: All Saints; Leggings: BCBG; Inner Black top: Complex Geometry; Red Sweater: Thrifted; Head Scarf: Irregular Choices; Cross Necklace: Pureville; Shoes: Underground UK 

New Uniform! This one. In love with the crazy zippers on this sweater I found at a thrift store in the desert in California. Totally worth every penny. And this cross necklace, as I had mentioned in an earlier post, I found at Pop Souk. I love my unique finds of fashion. A closet full of them is all I want. 

So halloween and NYC Marathon got cancelled due to hurricane sandy in NYC. Which was a bummer but Sandy was no joke and I support the cancellations of both events as the city resources are seriously needed to manage the sandy after effects. I am just glad that my work is back in action from tomorrow and I can get back to my routine. For such a free spirit, its unbelievable now accustomed to a routine I am. Don't know if I will ever be okay with not working. Also daytime telly is terrible! So no incentive.

How is it going with you guys? Give me updates! 


  1. Love this amazing outfit with a heart attack for your Head scarf.

  2. love the sweater!!! love it!! even i love ur fashion finds girl....
    and as much as i would like to quit my day job and just rest..the hubbs say i could never do it..coz i love being always running..and so take up tasks that always keep me running :)

  3. I absolutely love the coat, the leggings, the shoes and the sweater. How cool! :D

  4. I absolutely love EVERYTHING you are wearing. Lovely photos! :D



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