Monday, June 27, 2011

Proud as a Peacock: Personal Fashion

Images by NURBS

Ofcourse the biggest news of the past weekend has been that the NY State legalized same sex marriages. That along with the Pride Parade on Sunday was definitely one of the most historic times in NYC. I don’t know why for the love of God I did not think about doing this shoot in the parade!! I thought about the idea entirely after I was done with the shoot at Grand Central terminal. Oh well. Nonetheless, congratulations to all the gay people in NY. It was a long time coming and I am proud to be a New Yorker where equality always prevails.

Ok so about my outfit. It’s really not an outfit. It is just some chiffon material I draped around my body over a skirt [which I got tailored in India a million years ago]. But all that henna art you see on my leg and shoulder is the fabulous work of my friend Hetal Somaya. I have wanted to incorporate henna in a shoot for months and ofcourse even though I love the traditional Indian and Arabic henna art; I wanted to do something different. So on the leg we ended up doing a creepy tree and on the shoulder we did a skeleton of a snake. Although by the time we actually shot the pictures a lot of the henna had come off and you can’t really see the skull of the snake or some of the tree, I think overall we just had a really good time experimenting.

Thanks again Hetal. For waking up early and breaking your back doing the henna just to amuse my fantasy.

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  1. That color is looking ravishing on you!!! Gorgeous brooch too! :)

  2. I love 6th and the last photo!

  3. Pretty drape, I loved the color
    and thats some really amazing use of the Heena :)

  4. congratulations to all the gay people in NY and everywere else.
    I love that klein shade of blue so much, and the henna work on your body is pure fantacy.

  5. Love the chiffon color! The henna art is indeed a fabulous work!

    Have a perfect week!!


  6. Very inspiring! You look great! Happy for the gay people! :)

  7. You've got some sweet friends ... helping you out with so many fantastic experiments. I am sure it was an experience! :)

    ♡ from ©

  8. what can i say? all those comments are already telling the same stuff but i have to tell that i'm agreeing: that colour looks gorgeous on you!! and i love the fact that you and your friend go out and shoot randomly at a place where everyone else seems so average and POP in the middle of this setting there is prutha with that piece of chiffon looking simply amazing. i also like the way your friend did the henna - parts! you are truly inspiring me.
    and thanks so much for your feedback on my english and writing.. i so appreciate reading things like that from people who know what they are talking about! :)
    hope all goes well so far over there!
    sending you some love from boring germany!;)

  9. The idea of wrapping the Chiffon material, like a dress is very creative. Looks very good on You. Also nice new Happy bird clip.

    Hetal did a brilliant job with the design. Imagine u had little time to let it dry completely, but it's a really cool idea naturally evolving after head Dots and face paint. Also Nurbs pics r continuously getting better.

    Ur fav kind of high exposure pic with u lurking in the corner is very good. Guess Many people missed that.

  10. The mehendi looks crazy niceeeee!:)

  11. That colour on you... wowwwwww!!!!!!!!

  12. I love that henna

  13. Such a pretty shade of blue, that fabric! Love the exposed henna on your leg, and the shorts!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  14. gosh what a lovely colour and an inspiring henna art ...

  15. the henna work and also the peacock brooch!!!

  16. I'm speechless. You do crazier posts after another. I think you do sporadic personal style posts so that your readers font die of speechlessness :p
    Do I even need to say I love it. The chiffon fabric almost looks like a gown in one of the pics!

  17. I've enjoyed browsing through your colorful, energized, and eclectic blog.


  19. well, besides the fact that that fabric makes your look absolutely gorgeous, i think that tattoo makes your outfit all the more creative. wonderful! and congrats to the LGBT community of NYC!

  20. just keep outdoing yourself...this is spectacular....and set against the teal of the Grand Central ceiling....was just another touch of brilliance!
    The GC ceiling has all those zodaic patterns which is so perfectly mirrored in the foreground with the henna on you! Splendid I say!!

  21. wow those are really cool photos!

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    Hope to hear from you soon!
    XX, Valerie and Camilla

  22. That's the best henna art I've ever seen and I love that cobalt blue on you.
    NY's only just legalised same sex marriage? That's way overdue and definitely a cause for major celebration. x

  23. I am beyond thrilled i found your blog...this post is FANTASTIC!! Love the self-made wrap and I'm a big timer sucker for Henna body art!! I'm now an ACTIVE follower (stalker even maybe?) and will be back to visit often!

  24. love the blue of that dress, and the tatoos are awesome!



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