Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Manish Arora's Sparkly creations for Swarovski Up and Close: Vogue India

Images by Prutha Raithatha [via iPhone]

Until Photobucket figure out all their website issues, here is an interim post I did for Vogue India this week. 

We have all heard about Manish Arora’s collaboration with Swarovski Elements to create some super cool accessories totally apt for a Valentine’s Day gift. They are pretty and cute heart shaped necklaces. But he also created a few fantastic pieces of clothing which were on display at the Swarovski showroom across my apartment in NYC. I went into the store to check out jewelry but ended up spending 30 mins just staring at Manish’s creations on the mannequins. There is a reason why the whole world is in awe of Manish’s work and it’s the absolute original [this word is very important to me] and over the top creativity his brains come up with as naturally as breathing [I imagine it is that easy for him in my mind..but in my mind I am also a queen of an underground world of tiny people + animals all dressed in a nothing-less-than-a-masterpiece they create themselves as their only goal in life to prove they are worthy of living in my kingdom].

I could not resist taking a few pictures of the fantastic pieces with permission of the shop people ofcourse. All of them have a lot of tiny Swarovski crystals on them which Manish uses in his collections a lot of times. In love with the Lion faces [I want them soo soo bad in my closet right now!!] and the Ganesh dress is beyond breathtaking. Apparently these pieces at Swarovski atleast, were not for sale. Yes I asked. I know, I know!! I can’t even afford the eye of the Tiger / Lion right now. But a girl can dream right?

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  1. That first dress is beautiful. Love that the black part of the sleeve has crystals on it.

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  2. My oh my amazing. The jigsaw dress is beautiful. No wonder you were staring. Xxxx

  3. Oh, it's amazing! I love puzzle dress! Gorgeous!

  4. A girl can dream if the dreams feature gorgeous, original creations like these!

  5. the puzzle looking piece is great! great blog!!

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  6. soo shiny! these are beautifully crafted! I would be staring forever as well


  7. I love the lion head shaw thing! that is sooo cool :D thanks for these pictures, they are really inspiring

  8. Beautiful dresses, such artwork! :)

  9. Oh my god, so thankful for this collaboration... so beautiful. Amazing!! Those puzzle pieces! So glad you took photos :). Thanks for the comment!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  10. I always feel like he makes more than just 'clothes' it's just stunning!

  11. That puzzle dress is AMAZING!

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  12. so proud of Manish! Super Super collection... love the jigsaws...



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