Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Blog Post for Vogue India

Hey Guys, check ouy me new post for Vogue India about

Soigne K: Indian Designer Store in NYC


  1. u should become a writer instead like Carrie Bradshaw lol!
    Thx for the comment darling.. no I travel not for work. i just love travelling ;)) and Shahrukh khan is hot. Bollywood in Malaysia (where i come from originally) is very very very very very popular! LOL they even organised the bollywood awards annualy in Kuala Lumpur and every channels play bollywood movies at least 2 times in a week (old or new) :D and YES kuch kuch hota hai made me cry hahaha saw it several times

  2. Great writeup Prutha! Wasn't aware of those indian designers in new york. But it's possibly because I don't live there.

  3. WOW... don't you belong at Vogue?
    great article Prutha.
    I also love indians designers.. the fabrics are superb.
    Lee x

  4. How old is Vogue India? I have never seen one, I will make sure to purchase an Issue!

  5. loved those photos below! such stunning colors and images. love the nose ring

  6. Freaking awesome are such a talent, girl!!!!!!!

  7. Hey congratulations. May more of this come your way. Well done. Xxxx



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