Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is how you beat the Heat: Street Fashion

Images By Shraddha Borawake

Outfit: self-made and Hand sewn; Shoes: Forever 21; Bangles: Flea Market; Ring: Self Made; Bracelet: Made by a friend.

There are 2 things I learnt from Zgizelle [who is a ballet dancer]
1] Follow your heart
2] Don’t care what people think

Both of which I normally do, but when it comes to shaving off my head [which I have wanted to try since I was 11] I still haven’t had the guts to do. I will someday [I have promised myself that] just don’t know when.

The Ying Yang is a great touch to the shaved head. It’s like a dynamic tattoo cause it changes shapes and sizes as the hair grows and is also easily changeable with a few weeks notice. What a cool concept!!


  1. Wow, she is rad! I love those colors.

    I like how she's accessorized her outfit -- it's perfect because it feels understated and elegant and really shows off her dress.

  2. Prutha I always and I mean ALWAYS love your street style post, you're awesome girl, BIG hugs n kisses, xoxo

  3. I thought it was a man in the first pic. I had a similar ring(talking about the black one),but I always had to take it off,when I was washing my hands.
    The point is... she's cool.

  4. Wow Prutha, that is one hell of a shot. She is super-cool. Best thing about her: the combination of ethnic / urban elements, that do fit very well together.

    Love the haircut and tatoos...

  5. Really fantastic pictures. love her hair.sarahD:)

  6. This is just an amazing meeting and an amazing look:0

  7. Beautiful and graceful woman. Fantastic image.

  8. eclectic! this is what I love about NYC... nobody really cares :)

  9. Wow! I appreciate anyone who has such a free spirit. Most of us secretly aspire to have but do not have the guts! I too love your street style posts! I guess living in NYC gives an insight into lot of interesting people. Yesterday I saw a man with a cardboard hanging on this body. It read - Why do rich people look like they are miserable to be alive and he was wearing funky clothes and interesting clothes. I was so mad at myself for not having my camera on me then! :) Ahh! What a long story in your comments.

  10. hehe...tanvi, pls keep the stories coming... i love them!!!

  11. Thats one proud african woman!! Love her ankh tattoo... You know goin Bald is Such a crazy experience specially for us Indian girls.. like hair is your treasure and stuff right!?

    I went bald like 4 years back in middle of college... damn its the most Liberating experience.. I mean you feel really stupid sometimes but most of the time totally badass.
    people look at you differently. you look at yourself differently. it was a special priceless feeling for me.

    I guess its the official BIG comment day:)

  12. so bold. her accessories are perfect for her dress. ive never gone bald and dont know if i could pull it off but i find the women who do always look gorgeous.


  13. great shots! awesome pics!
    love them :)


  14. wow this is soo nicee:) self made dress truly talented

  15. great shots! amazing pics! love the street fashion

  16. Her ballet pose is timeless... Must be framed

  17. WOW talk about feeling inspired!!! :)
    The ring is to die for...I have to make one like it.

    I also love the 2 points...following one's heart and not to care what other people think.

    In my head I know and feel all that...but when it comes to real life...sometimes I struggle big time...Do you know what I mean?

    Thanks for a great great post! Love your blog and sweet personality. :)

  18. this is intense... but fabulous! nice one.



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