Thursday, January 28, 2010

Radio mY Ass!!

Images by Shraddha Borawake

Ok, so im sorry for the non-“PG 13 rated “ blog title, but its so perfect for the picture! How cute is that transistor purse on this girl’s behind? I love accessories [or anything for that matter] that have a SOH [Sense of humor] to it. I have one such purse myself, but will post pics of it at a later date. BTW, I can’t wait for Apple to come out with Ipod shaped purses with actual music storing capabilities. So when u walk around with it, u can just plug in your headphones to the purse for music, or then just turn the knobs around to use it as a mobile- tensile-boom box, which is actually a purse!!...Ok I’ll stop now, I promise! J

PS: If anyone gets my ipod purse idea and thinks its awesome, pls holla at me in the comments section!!..just wannna spot like minded geniuses in the crowd ;-)



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